Strategic support

Supporting the strategic aspirations of your estate

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Group development

Realising your strategic ambitions

The group development team helps you to realise the strategic aspirations of your estate.

The group development team will work with you to plan, develop and implement strategies that will help you to rationalise and improve your estate.

The extensive knowledge and experience held within the team enables them to fully work closely with you and offer advice that will help you to successfully deliver property programmes of any size or complexity.

With an in-depth knowledge of our full suite of services, our network of partners and how they can be combined to suit your unique circumstances, the team will help to deliver efficiently, create long-term, sustainable value for your organisation and help you to deliver your strategic and socioeconomic objectives.

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We match the right services to suit your needs

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We deploy the right teams for the most complex of projects

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We help create delivery models that work for you

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We form partnerships that will deliver real value

Get your project started

We are ready to give you the advice you need to make your project a success. When engaging with us, you can expect the following support:

  • Strategic advice
  • Stakeholder engagement
  • Programme management
  • Procurement guidance
  • Partner liaison
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