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Responsible procurement

Our procurement team ensure that all of our frameworks are robust, fully compliant with UK, Scottish and EU procurement law and configured to achieve value for money, efficiency and local economic impact.

Led by John Simons, head of procurement and audit at Scape Group, the team follow a rigorous procurement process that goes beyond pure compliance. The team bring with them a wealth of local authority procurement expertise to ensure that each framework that we create is entirely aligned to your needs.

With over 45 years of experience in the public sector, we understand the demands, risks and processes that govern public procurement and are fully committed to ensuring that you achieve the best possible project outcomes.

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Our responsibilities

Across our frameworks, we seek to:

  • Enable efficiency, savings, rapid commissioning and value for money;
  • Ensure equality and transparency throughout each procurement;
  • Encourage small and medium-sized enterprises ("SMEs") to apply for contracts;
  • Build the strongest relationships with public sector organisations;
  • Add value to your procurement functions, internal stakeholders, your communities and support your local economy;
  • Ensure that our delivery partners and their supply chains work in a socially responsible manner.

"Only by fully understanding and reacting to your needs related to efficiency, value for money and the local economy, coupled with an unrelenting focus on regulatory compliance, can we ensure that we deliver the right solutions for you."

John Simons, Head of Procurement & Audit

Procurement process

Each procurement we undertake is fully compliant with relevant legislation and is fully aligned with Government policy.

We also integrate the needs of the public sector and take steps to reflect the future direction of the industry. Please click on the below stages to review our process in more detail:


01 Procurement strategy

A comprehensive market review, fed by extensive primary and secondary research, to inform the strategic direction of a procurement and to ensure that the right framework model is developed for both delivery partners and the public sector.

  • Gap analysis
  • Service scope
  • Stakeholder engagement
  • Market analysis
  • Strategy development

02 Procurement

Our teams, with the support of our public sector clients and highly qualified external experts, ensure that each procurement is robust, fully compliant with UK, Scottish and EU procurement law and configured to achieve value for money, efficiency and local economic impact.

  • Market awareness and testing
  • Tender process
  • Ongoing legal team monitoring
  • Internal governance process
  • Contract award

03 Mobilisation

Once a delivery team is selected, our framework management team are mobilised to ensure that the framework is appropriately resourced through an extensive local supply chain and that delivery partners are fully equipped to deliver the highest levels of performance from the outset.

  • Partner orientation and training
  • Interfaces and processes established
  • Reporting processes developed
  • Reporting requirements and systems integration

04 Management & Support

Our framework, relationship management and group development teams provide proactive support for our clients and the regional delivery teams, to ensure consistently high project performance standards, framework guidance and technical advice.

  • Framework management
  • Relationship management
  • Performance management
  • Social value measurement
  • Partner bid commitment monitoring
  • Lessons learned and framework review

Framework support

Every single day, our framework management team works to ensure that you receive the best service and the strongest outcomes. Click here to learn more about how they help to deliver value across your estate.

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