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Framework support

Framework management

All projects benefit from the active management of delivery partner performance, through our dedicated framework management team.

This team assure total compliance with Framework Agreements across our suite of construction and consultancy frameworks through regular audits.

Our governance processes provide you with peace of mind in the compliance and optimum performance, with efficiency and value for money achieved on every project.


Category leads

Our category leads are experts within Construction, Civil Engineering and Consultancy, with specialist knowledge of all related frameworks as well as comprehensive expertise within their category field.

Framework management process

Post expiry


Prior to award, our role is to ensure that the systems and processes are in place so that the framework can be used by clients as quickly as possible.

We develop a comprehensive understanding of the framework and associated documentation, ensuring that our management tools, client facing materials and websites are prepared for launch.

We also ensure that all all framework processes and contracts are in place and presented in an easy to digest format for clients, delivery partners and our internal teams.

  • Mobilisation plan
  • Guidance notes
  • Systems set up
  • Framework templates


We systematically review, and analyse framework activity via monthly framework trackers and interactive dashboards, observing delivery partner performance by project, client, region and sector.

We actively manage delivery partner performance via monthly governance meetings, observing a a structured agenda with key actions tracked and reported upon. Each month we ensure that any emergent issues are monitored, categorised and appropriately managed with lessons learned embedded into forward framework management processes.

  • Performance analysis
  • Project tracker review
  • Framework bulletin
  • Monthly partner meetings
  • Issues log


We conduct a quarterly review of partner performance at a senior level. This engagement provides an opportunity to discuss the operation of the framework with the leadership teams of our delivery partners, ensuring that strategic and operational priorities are entirely aligned.

These collaborative engagements are supported by shared ownership of risk registers and continuous improvement plans.

  • Risk register management
  • Quarterly performance meetings
  • Quarterly achievement report
  • Continuous improvement plans
  • Board report production


On an annual basis, we conduct an in-depth review of each framework delivery partner to ensure that all legal requirements are confirmed and evidenced.

These include the provision of health and safety reports, value for money evidence, audited accounts, up-to-date insurance policies, warranties and undertakings and other certificates to ensure that each delivery partner remains in full compliance with the terms of the framework agreement.

  • Continuous improvement plan
  • Annual documentation collation
  • Evidence review
  • Validation of documents
  • Annual review statement


At the point where a framework is approaching expiry, a detailed governance process is carried out to ensure that all clients and delivery partners are fully compliant with the framework.

This means ensuring that all required contracts have been appropriately signed and stored, that delivery partners have met all of their obligations and that clients are informed about the expiry and how they can continue use the framework.

  • Signed Delivery Agreements
  • Ensuring compliant call off
  • Final accounts assessment
  • Develop client guidance
  • Issue client communications

Post expiry

After a framework has reached its conclusion, the framework management team will ensure that the demobilisation of the framework is managed, ensuring that all parties are clear over roles and responsibilities related to the formal closure of the framework or if migrating to a new, next generation framework.

  • Close off framework commitments
  • Performance reporting
  • Progress reporting
  • Financial reporting
  • Lessons learned review


At the point of re-procurement, the framework management team will combine the prior framework performance reporting outputs with a detailed review of market conditions, delivery partner and wider marketplace feedback, as well as an in-depth assessment of client requirements.

This extensive research and development process lays the foundations of a forward procurement strategy for a next generation framework.

  • Initiation
  • Primary research
  • Secondary research
  • Market analysis
  • Strategy development

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We are ready to give you the advice you need to make your project a success. When engaging with us, you can expect support with the following:

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  • Stakeholder engagement
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