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Scape Reinvest is a unique social community investment fund. It is designed to benefit client communities by returning modest project surpluses to community projects.

Scape Reinvest has simple aims and objectives when investing in the communities we serve. These are focused on supporting business entrepreneurial activities, without being restricted to construction. It will create lasting and sustainable change, measurable social improvements and potential financial returns that can themselves be reinvested.

Social value and economic development sit at the heart of our vision and values. We are therefore delighted to be in a position to offer additional support to our clients and their communities via Scape Reinvest.

Mark Robinson, Scape Group Chief Executive

A key aspect of Scape Reinvest is the Communities Fund. As the name suggests, this will provide funding to projects and initiatives that support communities, as well as local economic and social need.

As a community led organisation, our Board of Shareholders have carefully considered how to best utilise this surplus in a socially responsible manner and in a way that would further support our national client base.

Scape Reinvest has been developed to achieve this, through creating lasting social change and building sustainable futures for both young people and businesses across the United Kingdom.

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Matt Carrington-Moore, Chief Strategy Officer

The Digital Union Start up Programme, Gateshead - supported by Scape Reinvest

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