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Working with us

Our frameworks are fully performance managed at a national and local level. It is our aim to ensure that your project is delivered to the highest possible standard.

During Procurement

We operate a rigorous selection process when procuring a framework. This goes beyond OJEU requirements. Our procurement team leads the process in partnership with sector experts and a public sector client panel, to help us to select the best suited partner for the framework.

Prospective delivery partners must respond to a comprehensive set of questions, showing empirical evidence of excellence in areas such as:

  • Consistent levels of quality
  • High levels of project performance.
  • A robust and scalable local supply chain

Our tenders contain a mix of mandated requirements and invited commitments to create the most valuable solution for the public sector. These items include local labour, local spend, training and apprenticeship schemes, fair payment and so on. Any commitments made at tender stage, must then be achieved as they  become contractually enforceable.

Ongoing Performance Management

Our Framework Management team will then take lead role in ensuring that your project is fully optimised to deliver high performance.

The team will continuously interrogate and analyse Key Performance Indicators and partner commitments on every project. The performance of projects are then collated into regular reporting outputs for clients and the senior management team.

In addition to the continuous assessment of KPI data, the management team conducts audits of projects to ensure that delivery partners continue to provide excellent service, value for money and are at the very least, working to the minimum requirements of the framework.

The management team holds formal quarterly performance meetings, in which each delivery partner has their performance reviewed in depth. In this forum, any improvement opportunities are discussed in detail and if required, time constrained rectification strategies agreed.

Continuous Improvement

We require delivery partners seek to improve upon their original commitments as the framework progresses.

These commitments require the delivery partner to actively manage their own performance to ensure that they themselves can demonstrate the incremental value that their scaling operations bring to our clients.

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