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Scape charges a management fee to Delivery Partners for each project commissioned via our frameworks.

Delivery Partners include this cost within their charges to clients either as projects items, an element of service rates or overhead and profit rates. These fees are used for:

1. The day to day running of the business

This includes premises and all of the operational costs attached to running the business, such as staff salaries, IT infrastructure, pensions and support materials.

2. Managing the frameworks

We employ a UK-wide network of Regional Business Managers who support clients at a local level. In addition their role involves the monitoring of local delivery teams, ensuring that effective collaboration takes place between clients and partners, at all times.

In addition, each framework has a dedicated Framework Manager to ensure that our partners deliver a consistent service across the UK.

3. Monitoring performance

As a fully managed framework provider, we must ensure that our partners continue to deliver on their promises. Our management team continually monitor project and partner performance versus commitments via:

  • Key Performance Indicators
  • A rigorous audit process

4. Reprocuring the frameworks

A framework can cost up to £250,000 to procure. Usually operational for a four year period, beyond this point each framework will need to be reviewed and potentially reprocured in a new format, to reflect current market conditions.

We will also review our framework portfolio on an annual basis assess whether any improvements can be made or if additional services and solutions can be created to support our clients.

Scape independently finances each framework procurement without any certainty of return.

5. Investing in new products and services to drive further efficiencies into public sector procurement

Scape is dedicated to exploring ways to help our clients address the challenges they face in delivering efficient procurement solutions.

Therefore a proportion of our fee is directed towards new product development. For example, we have developed three innovative solutions in Sunesis and Connect to support our clients deliver quality permanent buildings at a lower cost and a more rapid timescale than a bespoke project. Connect and Sunesis have delivered over 10,000 new school places to date since their inception.

We are also looking to expand our presentation of KPIs to an online interface, so that this data will be available to all clients, across all of our frameworks. This is currently for the Major Works framework.

6. Reinvesting in the communities we serve

Scape’s long-term vision is to be able to benefit the communities of our clients when modest surpluses are achieved. This vision has been realised via the inception of Scape Reinvest. Our goal with this initiative is to support worthwhile causes such as community projects, community asset transfers and social enterprises.

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