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The suite of frameworks available from Scape Procure are fully compliant with European, UK and Scottish Procurement Regulations.

As a public sector organisation, we share your commitment to achieving maximum value for money from the public purse. These values underpin the strategic definition of a framework and project success criteria are assured through a robust, rigorous and compliant process.

Below are a series of answers to some commonly asked questions. If you have any other queries please do contact a member of the team.

Q: Can I legally use your frameworks?

Yes, in compliance with the Public Contracts Regulations, public bodies which are able to access the suite of Scape frameworks, are clearly identifiable within our Contract Notices.

All public bodies across the United Kingdom are either explicitly named, or clearly referenced. This includes the insertion of a web link that lists public bodies by sector, or by using a reference to a category of Contracting Authorities within a specific geographical area.

This means that public bodies across the United Kingdom can be clearly identified, meaning that they are legally permitted to use any Scape framework. 

It is important to clarify that the resulting contracts are not speculative framework agreements.

There is no legal requirement to consult or obtain consent when referencing Contracting Authorities in a Contract Notice.

Q: How do I use the frameworks? 

The means to use a framework, also known as the 'Call off' process, is clearly defined within framework agreements and accompanying user guides.

These are made available to all clients once an Access Agreement has been completed to allow you to use any of our frameworks. 

Q: How is the value of a framework calculated? 

In Contract Notices and procurement documentation, we set out a value of a framework that is based upon empirical market analysis.

The overall value of a new framework is constructed using a variety of intelligence sources, including but not limited to, government project and infrastructure pipeline data, a review of client informed pipelines, historical framework performance, and other reputable secondary sources as appropriate.

Q: Are you legally permitted to operate frameworks?

Yes. Scape Group is wholly owned by 6 Local Authorities and was formed under the Local Government Act 2003. It is a Contracting Authority and Central Purchasing Body in its own right.

With procurement expertise which has generated a range of compliant frameworks since 2006, Scape has never been the subject of a legal challenge.

Any project audits which have been conducted by external funding agencies or individual clients’ internal auditors have all been satisfactorily concluded and all Scape frameworks have been accepted as a procurement route which is fully legally compliant.

Q: How do you ensure that your frameworks perform to a high standard?

All Scape frameworks are fully performance managed to ensure the highest delivery standards and to maximise socioeconomic impact in the local community.

Scape’s frameworks are fully performance managed by a team of dedicated framework managers.

Their role is to ensure that your delivery team – highly reputable contractors and consultants, supported by an extensive local supply chain – consistently deliver the highest levels of project performance across a range of key performance indicators.

This standard of delivery has consistently surpassed national averages as indicated in the Glenigan UK Industry Performance Report.

Q: How do your frameworks support the localism agenda?

Scape’s Responsible Procurement model brings local investment, in addition to achieving industry leading levels of quality and value for money. 

The suite of Scape frameworks are designed to deliver locally and have facilitated over £1.3bn of project spend within 20 miles of each site.

For example, the National Construction framework requires 85% of sub-contract spend to be directed towards SMEs, with all SME partners to be paid within 19 days.

Every project also requires delivery partners to support the development of the next generation of the labour force and play their part in addressing the well-publicised skills shortage, through to apprenticeships, training schemes, school engagements and educational visits. 

To date, Scape projects have introduced over 92,000 young people to the construction sector.

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