Live Procurement

Live Procurement

National Consultancy - England, Wales and Northern Ireland

Scape National Consultancy framework

We are pleased to announce that we have submitted a Contract Notice to the Official Journal of the European Union (OJEU) with the intent to procure the Scape National Consultancy framework serving England, Wales and Northern Ireland, which is fully compliant with EU, UK and Scottish procurement regulations.

Framework Structure

It is envisaged that each lot across the framework will be available to individual organisations, consortia, joint ventures or other similar arrangements.

It is our intention to appoint a single entity to each lot across the framework. The framework structure is as follows:

England, Wales & NI: Lot 1 - Built Environment Consultancy
(Lot Value: £350m)

England, Wales & NI: Lot 2 - Civil Engineering Consultancy
(Lot Value: £250m)

England, Wales & NI: Lot 3 - Place Shaping
(Lot Value: £100m)

The cumulative value of the Scape National Consultancy framework is expected to be £700m over a four-year period.

The Contract Notice has been published and is available to view via Tenders Electronic Daily.

PQQ Submission Deadline

The deadline for PQQ submissions is 12:00pm on Friday 20th December 2019.

Please ensure to allow plenty of time for submission of documentation, as no expressions of interest will be accepted after this deadline.

Procurement Timetable

Issue PINAugust 2019
Market EngagementAugust - October 2019
Issue OJEU Contract NoticeNovember 2019
PQQ Submission Deadline20 December 2020
PQQ StageNovember 2019 - March 2020
ITT StageMarch - June 2020
Notification of Intent to AwardAugust 2020
Confirmation of AwardAugust 2020
Expiry of current framework04 October 2020
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