Live Procurement

Live Procurement

Construction - England, Wales and Northern Ireland

Scape Construction framework

We are pleased to announce that we have submitted a Prior Information Notice to the Official Journal of the European Union (OJEU) with the intent to procure the Scape Construction framework serving England, Wales and Northern Ireland, which is fully compliant with EU and UK procurement regulations.

Following an extensive market consultation period, the latest enhancements to the framework have been designed to provide direct support to the local economy and the green recovery. The framework will empower public sector organisations to shape their project objectives, whilst offering a wider choice of delivery partners, contracts and performance measurement, without compromising the accelerated direct award model that we operate.

Framework Structure

The framework will operate for a period of four years until 2025, with an option to extend for a further two years, until 2027.

It is envisaged that each lot across the framework will be available to individual organisations, consortia, joint ventures or other similar arrangements.

We will look to appoint a single entity to each lot across the framework.

England & Wales | Lot 1 - Lower Works
(Lot value: £2bn, Project value: £0 - £7.5m)

England & Wales | Lot 2 - Lower Works
(Lot Value: £2bn, Project value: £0 - £7.5m)

England & Wales | Lot 3 - Upper Works
(Lot Value: £2bn, Project value: £7.5m - £75m)

England & Wales | Lot 4 - Upper Works
(Lot Value: £2bn, Project value: £7.5m - £75m)

Northern Ireland | Lot 5 - Lower Works
(Lot Value: £500m, Project value: £0 - £7.5m)

Northern Ireland | Lot 6 - Upper Works
(Lot Value: £500m, Project value: £7.5m - £75m)

England, Wales & Northern Ireland | Lot 7 - Principal Works
(Lot Value: £2bn, Project value: £75m+)

The cumulative value of the Scape Construction framework is expected to be £11bn over the duration of the framework.

The Prior Information Notice has been published and is available to view via Tenders Electronic Daily.

Market Awareness Webinar

We will be hosting a market awareness webinar for any interested parties to learn more about Scape, the framework structure and the bidding process, which will be held on:

Thursday 13 August 2020, 11am

To register your interest in attending the session, please click here.

Please register early, as we will not permit access to any unexpected individuals on the day.

Procurement Timetable

Issue PINJuly 2020
Market EngagementJuly - August 2020
Market Awareness Webinar13 August 2020
Issue Contract NoticeSeptember 2020
PQQ StageSeptember - December 2020
ITT StageJanuary 2021 - April 2021
Notification of Intent to AwardMay 2021
Confirmation of AwardJune 2021
Expiry of current National Minor Works framework08 September 2021
Expiry of current National Construction framework08 September 2021
Cumulative framework value:
Award date:
June 2021
Framework period:
4 Years (+2 Years)
Prior Information Notice Issued
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