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"As a contractor at the heart of the Bedfordshire, Hertfordshire and Essex region and community, we are excited to partner local authorities in the creation of high quality built environments for the future and in turn help provide long-term benefits to the local community and a lasting community legacy."

- Neil Dower, Managing Director, Conamar

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You already know what building contractors do. What you probably want to know is what you can expect of us.

Impeccable standards. Absolute commitment. Approachability and warm, open communication.

Those are just a few of the reasons that around 80% of our turnover comes from personally referred or repeat business.

We always deliver. If you need to be open for business during a project, live environments are a speciality of ours. If your timescales for delivery are tight, we’re the ideal size for rapid response. And if your site is awkward, throwing up logistical challenges and physical constraints, we’re imaginative, quick-thinking and love solving problems.

Accountability and transparency

Projects run best when clients, contractors and specialists are honest, open and keen to collaborate. The success of your project, not just at completion, but for years to come is all that matters. Because we have a light, flat hierarchy, with directors who want to be involved, you’ll get input, ideas and answers fast.

And no matter how good the end result is going to be, you still want value for money. Because we partner properly, we come up with creative solutions, look for ways to give you more than you asked, and we always meet budgets and deadlines.

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£0 - £750k
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26 February 2022
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