£4bn live commissions
2400+ completed projects
95% projects on time
99% of projects on budget
600+ active public sector clients
9/10 client satisfaction

We create value, not complexity

Our suite of fully performance managed construction and consultancy frameworks are designed to embed efficiency and social value into your built environment.

Our approach to offering collaborative, rapidly deployed and efficient services is underpinned by £13bn of buying power across the United Kingdom.

Fully compliant with EU, UK and Scottish legislation, our public sector procurement process selects the best delivery partners, supported by an extensive local supply chain, to deliver exceptional outcomes for your project.

Each project you commission is subject to a rigorous performance management regime, which requires the highest standards of customer satisfaction, local labour and local spend. Projects also operate with strict minimum standards of fair payment, waste diversion, community engagement, training and apprenticeships.

All public sector construction projects will maintain the highest standard of communication from start to finish.

Our commitment to ongoing collaboration realises industry leading project performance and achievement of social value for the public sector across the United Kingdom.

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Framework Benefits

Secure immediate access to our OJEU compliant frameworks, our highly experienced team of delivery partners and an extensive local supply chain.

Our construction frameworks allow our clients to quickly initiate a project, without having to tender for themselves.

Our performance management process continually tracks the value you secure through each project, including SME engagement, local spend and local employment, time and cost predictability, defects at completion, health and safety, client satisfaction, waste management, training and apprenticeships.

Our Regional Business Management team guide clients through framework services, and monitor local delivery team performance to ensure project success.

Our National Framework Management team ensure that delivery partners continually perform in accordance with the Framework Agreement, that value for money is achieved and to guarantee that clients remain compliant at all times.

Clients retain control of their investment at all stages. Each project follows a flexible but robust process which captures best practice, promotes a ‘one team’ approach and provides confidence.

To ensure superior standards of workmanship, framework partners must provide the most highly skilled workforce, enabling excellence of execution for our clients.

With key documentation and contracts provided using approved framework templates, legal costs and risks are greatly reduced.

Our communications team is on hand to help showcase the successful outcomes of a project to senior decision makers and project stakeholders, via value for money reporting, case study production and media support.

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We offer a suite of fully performance managed construction and consultancy frameworks that support the entire lifecycle of your built environment.

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