The UK's leading public procurement specialist

We offer a suite of construction, consultancy, architectural and civil engineering solutions that enable speed of delivery, value for money and a positive procurement experience.

Direct Award frameworks that deliver value, not complexity

Our suite of fully performance managed construction and consultancy frameworks are designed to embed efficiency and social value into your projects.

Fully compliant with EU, UK and Scottish regulations, our public sector procurement process selects the best delivery partners, supported by an extensive local supply chain, to deliver exceptional outcomes for your project.

Each project you commission is fully performance managed, to ensure that it is delivered to an industry leading standard and importantly, that the local economy reaps the benefit.

What's more, we are the only framework operator to provide extensive additional support via our relationship and framework managers, who will help you get the best from your project.

Starting your project

It takes a team to make things happen, and we'd be proud to be a part of yours.

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