The Benefits of Modular Construction


In his first blog, Richard Daw, Associate Director of Lungfish discusses how greater use of offsite construction could be the answer to the UK's school places challenge.

Offsite construction is shaping the market and many see it as the solution to meeting the UK’s demand for school places.

However, there are sceptics who still prefer traditional builds, so in this blog I want to discuss the benefits of pre-designed modular construction from an architect’s perspective.

Cost Certainty

Being able to cost components upfront and provide cost certainty is a huge plus when trying to meet tight budget constraints. Additionally, there is also the obvious programme benefit of being able to submit planning applications within just a few weeks of the first client engagement meeting.

Decision making is crucial. The design team, contractors, clients and all stakeholders must work collaboratively and effectively. It focuses the initial stages and allows for early design sign off.

Richard Daw, Associate Director, Lungfish

Early Design Freeze

With modular, we can maximise design time to ensure any site issues are resolved correctly and economically. This in turn allows for an early design freeze, with which comes the ability to talk about the tactile nature of the school sooner. Our clients are selecting colours and interior finishes after only one or two engagement meetings.

Client Experience

Modular builds also make pupil engagement tangible and fun. Children have the opportunity to visit the offsite factory, to touch and feel the components of their new school within a safe and controlled environment. They can jump up and down on the concrete floors to feel how robust the buildings are as their classrooms are being put together.


It’s not just classrooms that can be built offsite. Sport England compliant sports halls can be constructed in modular. The hall in the picture below, along with its associated changing rooms, was completed from start to finish in under six weeks on site.

Light Touch On Site

Offsite construction is the perfect solution to minimising disruption to a live school site as there is no need for ‘programme hungry’ wet trades and the storage of materials on site. The modules can be delivered outside school hours so the day to day operation of a school can continue, uninterrupted.

Beautiful Design

Some are turned off by the pre-conceived idea that modular design means boxes, those temporary classrooms of old. But the external appearance of modular school buildings can now be enhanced dramatically without any uplift in cost with the use of cladding systems being offered as cost-neutral options, due to the saving in programme compared to materials applied on site.

New modular buildings can be designed to be beautiful. They can be unique.

Richard Daw, Associate Director, Lungfish

Buildings that are constructed offsite nowadays feel permanent, with their concrete floors and solid structures. You can’t tell the difference between a modular, offsite-constructed building and a traditionally built one as they are traditionally built – just offsite!

At Lungfish, we’ve embraced the use of modular due to the benefits it brings to both design and construction, and we will continue to be an advocate for this industry.

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