Building Schools for Africa

Sunesis, in partnership with the charity Building Schools for Africa, have delighted children in Cameroon by providing a clean, safe school with a more comfortable learning environment.

Sunesis Nketisoh Africa School 01

Imagine sending your child to a school without proper walls, floors, doors or furniture. Where dirty water runs freely across the floor and the classrooms are at the mercy of the African elements. A school without electricity, water or toilet facilities.

Here in the UK, we expect our educational facilities to offer a high level of safety and security for our children, but many communities in Cameroon are not as fortunate. 

Sunesis, a joint venture between Scape Group and Willmott Dixon, have partnered with the not-for-profit organisation Building Schools for Africa who are committed to delivering sustainable schools that improve the quality of life for communities across Africa. With the funding from Sunesis and support from SHUMAS (Strategic Humanitarian Services) the first school in this programme was completed recently. 

Read the full article below to find out how the new Nketisoh school has delighted pupils and staff.

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Sunesis Nketisoh Africa School 02

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