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Each year, our Board of Shareholders nominate a charity for our team to support.

Headway Nottingham

Supporting local charities

Last year, we raised over £18,000 for Rethink Mental Illness, through a series of fundraising activities involving our staff, partners and affiliates.

This year, our nominated charity of the year is Headway Nottingham, who provide rehabilitation, support and outreach for people affected by brain injury in Nottinghamshire and we are delighted to announce that we have raised over £17,600  for them to date.

Headway Nottingham

Headway Nottingham believe a better life is possible for people affected by brain injuries.

As a result of a brain injury, your life can change in an instant. A bit like a software update on your phone, but it wasn’t scheduled or even anticipated. What was safe, familiar and easy is now oddly confusing and takes so much longer to master. Brain injury; an unwanted update.

Being left with a new version of the self you’ve known all your life and furiously trying to see a way through the overwhelming fog of confusion. Headway Nottingham exists to offer support, guidance and longer-term rehabilitation to those people experiencing just that. For 21 years they have been responding to a desperate need for brain injury specific services in Nottinghamshire. Their small but dedicated and passionate team help people get to know the new person they have become and provide the tools for them to begin to adapt to their new feelings, reactions and behaviours in a safe and understanding environment. Their aim is to assist people to realise that life after brain injury does not have to be defined solely by their injury.

The video below details how a few of their service users feel after their brain injuries, and gives us a glimpse of the varied challenges that Headway Nottingham can help them to overcome:

An adoption of this magnitude for a small local charity like Headway Nottingham is momentous. The support of Scape Group means that, like our members, we too can raise our aspirations. It means that we can innovate, grow and strive to achieve more for all those in Nottinghamshire effected by brain injury.

Charlotte Leask
Services Manager - Headway Nottingham

How they help service users

Headway Nottingham offers very practical help to those struggling to adapt to life with new and profound disabilities after brain injury, in the following ways:

With more knowledge, better insight and practical coping strategies Headway Nottingham's members can come to realise that although their life has changed and their abilities altered, it does not have to mean that they can no longer achieve and find confidence in their ‘new me’.

A life after brain injury is still a life, but many cannot begin to live it without their help.

How we are supporting Headway Nottingham

Over the year, we have raised over £17,600 for Headway Nottingham through a variety of charity events including the Scape Group Golf Day in June and the Charity Quiz in October, alongside several other events to raise awareness of brain injuries, and events to generate vital funds to help the charity support even more people, when they need it the most.


Scape Group enjoying a variety of charity events

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