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"I’m delighted that we have appointed Morgan Sindall and excited to see the Lungfish-designed school taking shape ahead of its September opening." Evonne Williams, Cabinet Member for Children and Young People at Derby City Council
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An innovative, expandable and modern primary school to serve a new housing estate and support a growing community.

Hackwood Primary School will provide a beautifully designed, colourful and spacious learning environment for local primary school pupils.

Delivered through Scape Venture by Morgan Sindall, the school will act as the centrepiece for the new Hackwood estate, becoming the hub for a brand-new community, whilst transforming the lives of students in a new inspirational learning environment.

The creation of a new 14,000 square foot school was desperately needed for a growing community, to support the education for children moving into the 700 new homes on the Hackwood Farm Estate.

The school will serve the families of the neighbouring estate being built by Miller Homes and Redrow Homes and will be funded through Section 106 agreements. The flexibility of Hackwood Primary’s modular design will also allow the school to grow with the community, with additional teaching space enabling the school to increase capacity up to 315 places.

With the new estate growing rapidly, the school needed to be open and fully operational by September 2019. This meant Derby City Council required a fast approach to construction and the speed to market offered through Scape Venture helped get their project live and onsite quickly.

A traditional school build of this nature usually takes up to a year to complete, however, by opting for an offsite construction and modular approach the team were able to deliver the new school in just nine months.

Working collaboratively with the design team, carefully created modules were built in a factory offsite, delivered to the site and lifted into place. The school went from foundation level to every single module being in place in just seven days, allowing the build to progress quickly and efficiently.

Using the project to help attract people to the construction industry has been a key theme so far – the project was part of Open Doors Week 2019 in March, where members of the public, neighbours and local students were invited onsite to learn about the project, as well as explore pathways to a career in construction. In total, the site welcomed 30 visitors to learn about Hackwood Primary School and careers in construction.

All statistics accurate as at 8th May 2019.

Project statistics

Project value:£5 million
Client satisfaction:8/10
Social value generated :£1.7 million
SME spend:100%
SME engagement:100%
Local spend within 40 miles:98%
Local labour within 40 miles :72%
Frameworks: Venture

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