Colchester Northern Gateway Sports Hub

We are pleased with the working partnership we have developed with Perfect Circle. They have helped to provide a robust structure to the project management with a tight cost schedule and change management process.

Lois Bowser | Development Project Specialist, Colchester Borough Council

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Creating a mixed use sports development for the community of Colchester.

The team at Colchester Borough Council wanted to create a new Sports Hub in the Northern Gateway area of Colchester. Their objective was to create an exciting new facility that meets the future needs of the community.

The development for a new sports hub is situated on the northern gateway site to the east of an existing park and ride facility.

Once complete, it will offer a mixed use sports development, including the relocation of rugby pitches, a new club house, a new dry side sports centre and an outdoor 1.6km closed circuit cycle race track.

Other additions that further enhance these facilities include archery, equestrian trails, American football and football and a learn-to-ride track.

The scheme will be sympathetic to existing ecology and habitat, with the landscape proposals supporting the final planning application to ensure that the proposal blends in with and respects the high quality and mature existing landscape.

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​Critical requirements for this important project include:

  • Preserving the openness of the site and key landscape features
  • Providing green links to the adjacent countryside
  • Integration with the other sports and leisure facilities in the Northern Gateway

Ultimately, the outcomes that are expected from this project include:

  • A mix of sports and outdoor leisure uses that attract people of all ages and abilities throughout the day and 7 days a week
  • The creation of new spaces with character, identity and purpose
  • A high quality, inclusive development that engenders pride in the local and wider community

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