Supporting Communities

As a public sector organisation, we are committed to enabling social and economic growth in the local community.

Social value is integral to our approach and to the way in which we operate.

From the procurement of a framework to the development of a new design concept, we ensure that the socio-economic development sits at the heart of our activities.

We request that prospective delivery partners submit the most economically advantageous and socially responsible submissions to work with us. 

Across all of our projects, we carefully performance manage our delivery partners and their adherence to an array of bid commitments.

Our Commitments

  • Minimum standards of local spend
  • Minimum standards of local labour usage
  • Work experience programmes
  • School and college visits
  • Community engagement initiatives
  • Adult employment opportunities
  • Apprenticeship programmes
  • Training schemes
  • Professional and Academic Qualifications
  • Waste management
  • Strict Health and Safety standards

In partnership with this, we require all of our teams to engage with client stakeholder groups to ensure that projects are delivered with minimal disruption to the community, designed to enhance service delivery to the users and engineered to facilitate whole life cost improvements.


As a part of our commitment to promoting social, economic and environmental sustainability best practice across the built environment, we are proud members of the UK Green Building Council. 

The UK Green Building Council is a charity and membership organisation which campaigns for a sustainable built environment.

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