Building certainty into private sector construction

Procurement specialist

Scape Venture is a collaborative procurement specialist that offers an innovative approach to delivering exceptional outcomes for the private sector.

Scape Venture is designed to facilitate strong project performance for private sector companies, charities, public/private partnerships and special purpose vehicles. 

Using the same delivery partners, performance management processes and similar contractual commitments as the public sector, Scape Venture injects time and cost certainty into your built environment lifecycle.

Our commitment

  • Certainty, speed and efficiency facilitated through the delivery of defined, simple processes
  • Tried and tested model that has delivered a wide variety of projects consistently to time and budget
  • Value for money through fixed main contractor fees and costs, and all works packages 100% market tested
  • Early contractor involvement securing buildability advice into the design and enabling quicker commencement of works
  • Collaborative, reduced-risk partnership approach, proven to secure optimum results
  • Performance management and continuous improvement to ensure successful delivery and quality
  • Demonstrable social, environmental and economic impact on every project Independent client support from inception to completion and beyond
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Tom Allen

Tom Allen, Head of Operations - Scape Venture

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