This is where it all begins.

You’re about to see your vision become a blueprint, a project, a place – become everything you wanted it to be, and more.

We’re Lungfish Architects, a talented, forward-thinking architectural team that’s constantly aiming higher and achieving more for each client. Experts in public buildings and specialists in education, we create purposeful, elegant, sustainable buildings that involve and inspire the people who use them.

The UK needs 11,200 new classrooms and 1,600 new schools by 2024. We’re excited about helping to deliver them – creating positive, welcoming places to live, learn, play and grow, firmly focused on making everyday life better for everyone.

"We do this because we love it. Creating places that make a difference to people’s lives constantly inspires us, and we’re excited about every new challenge we take on."

Simon Reid, Head of Design
6030 school places delivered
4620 places on site or in design
200+ classrooms completed
154 classrooms on site or in design
28 One Form Entry schools since 2012
63 completed sites

"They provide a wonderful, airy and spacious learning environment for the children. They are ideal - the perfect learning environment."

Karen Headland, Headteacher

We’re not daunted by difficult projects and we’re not precious about convoluted concepts. We’re in this for you. Your vision is our spark.

We start by exploring it, and we end by delivering it. It’s a simple, highly effective, design-led cycle. So, whether that vision’s audacious and ambitious or practical and purposeful, we’ll be proud to help you make it the absolute best it can be.

Working with us means just that – sharing, collaborating, rolling your sleeves up and getting involved. You won’t find our acclaimed architects distant, lofty or hard to reach, you’ll find them in your office, in your community and knee-deep in your foundations.

It’s the best way to give you the results you need. And that’s something we’re committed to from day one. We’ll take you on a rewarding, absorbing journey, but at every stage we’ll also protect you from risk, guarantee exceptional quality and keep that big idea of yours burning bright. 

Our customers

We’re pioneers of smart, standardised school design and the opportunities it brings to communities everywhere. In fact, we’ve provided over £100m of school and classroom builds since 2010. At the heart of every single one? Four very important customers:

The children who go there to learn, grow and discover who they want to be – and the people who work hard to help them on their way. The journey begins and ends with them, so building strong, trusted relationships is always our very first step.

The people who strive to deliver inspiring places, on tight deadlines, with fixed budgets. The pressure’s on for these customers and we work hard to create designs that deliver on every level, both on their completion date and long into the future.

The people tasked with digging in and delivering our design, and our promises. They’re in the thick of it, challenged with making everyone happy – and still making a profit – so we pride ourselves on giving them designs that can be built quickly, safely, sustainably and successfully.

That’s us. We want to create buildings we can get excited about too. Places we can feel proud to have been part of. Spaces that people love. That’s why we pull in expertise from all the strategic relationships we’ve built, bringing the brightest ideas to every single build.

Working with Lungfish

Interested in working with us? Meet the Lungfish team.

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