Through ongoing analysis, we aim to act as a voice for the public and construction sectors, with a view to informing government policy as well as highlighting procurement and social value best practice.

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The Secondary School Places Challenge

The Secondary School Places Challenge, shows that an extra 435,646 pupils will join the UK’s secondary school system in the next three years. With insufficient capacity, urgent steps are required to address this situation. 

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Better Procurement

Our Better Procurement report urges the government to ensure public sector contracts valued at £10m or more, produce at least 20 per cent of that figure in Social Value to the community.

Schoolplaces 2016

The School Places Challenge 2016

More than 2,000 new schools must be built within the next four years, to accommodate the rising number of primary and secondary school pupils. This report reveals the extent of the school places challenge across all regions in England. 

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Sustainability in the Supply Chain

A sustainable supply chain is essential to the built environment and to the economy. Surveying over 150 built environment suppliers and senior managers within the public sector, this report examines the stark realities of the skills shortage. 

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Construction Industry Tracker (Regional Edition) – October 2015

This edition of our tracker looks at construction output across Britain’s eleven regions over the past 12 months, including public and private construction, housebuilding, infrastructure, commercial, and repair and maintenance.

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Primary school places: New schools and classrooms

More than 11,000 new primary school classrooms and 1600 new primary schools could be needed by 2024 to meet the growing number of primary school pupils.

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