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    Scape Group is a public-sector partnership that helps to improve the buildings that we use, the roads we travel on and the places we live.

    First trading in 2006, we offer a suite of fully managed frameworks, property services, innovative design solutions, community investment opportunities and joint ventures that are available to any public body in the United Kingdom.

    As a public sector organisation, we fully appreciate the role that the built environment plays, in the context of service delivery and the local economy. We also fully recognise the pressures that you face in procuring efficiently and delivering more-for-less in these austere times.

    All of our services have been designed with these challenges in mind - to support the entire lifecycle of your built environment, to help create a smooth procurement journey, to stimulate local growth in communities and to deliver demonstrable outcomes on every project.

    We operate across the United Kingdom, with offices located in London, Nottingham, Cardiff and Glasgow.

  • Csr Label

    Scape is the only organisation in the United Kingdom to hold the CEEP CSR Label.

    This award is in recognition of how we identify and address social, environmental and economic concerns on every project.

    The community sits at the heart of our values, our culture, our decision-making, and of course across every project that we deliver to the public sector.

    CEEP (The European Centre of Employers and Enterprises providing Public Services) has awarded this accolade to just 25 European organisations, derived from 74 submissions.

    We are hugely proud that our continued focus on community enrichment and delivering more-for-less has received European accreditation.

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    We are public sector

    As a public sector organisation, we have a deep rooted empathy with the challenges faced by the public sector. We have designed our organisation to directly address these challenges, and we have a demonstrable track record in doing so.

    We facilitate social value

    We are committed to helping you secure socio-economic value. This includes facilitating high levels of local labour, local spend, waste reduction, training and apprenticeships, as well as community engagement opportunities within each commission.

    We work efficiently

    We have created efficient processes that help you to progress a project quickly and with confidence. Our performance management processes and regional teams ensure that projects are delivered on time and on budget.

    We collaborate

    Our approach is collaborative and centred on partnerships; all projects and joint ventures are delivered through a defined process which facilitates a smooth experience and enables organisations, teams and people to work more effectively together.

  • Shareholders
    Scape Group is a public sector organisation, owned by six local authorities.

    We were the first organisation in the United Kingdom to be formed under the Local Government Act 2003. 

    Our shareholders have a well-established working relationship, dating back to the 1950s. 

    Our shareholders continue to collaborate, in order to drive efficiency and a partnership ethos into the development, management and maintenance of the built environment, for the benefit of the public sector and the communities we serve.

Working with you

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